ThinkVantage Access Connections

ThinkVantage Access Connections 6.26

Connection manager for ThinkPads
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Configures the Internet and network settings on ThinkPads, Supports multiple profiles and works with LAN, wireless and modem connections.

The ThinkVantage Access Connections utility is designed for the mobile worker who invariably has to connect to different wired and wireless networks at various locations in order to either connect to company systems or the Internet. Without this tool, they potentially need to reconfigure and restart their computer every time they move around.
No matter what the medium used for the connection (e.g. modem, wired network, broadband device, wireless network, etc.), this tool allows the user to create and maintain a list of location profiles which can be selected and enabled without the need to restart the laptop or PC. As well as network connectivity, a given location profile can be configured to set your default printer, turn on a VPN, or launch applications by location. Automatic switching between wireless and wired connections based on the highest available compatible connection speed is also available.
In addition, the tool supports the ability to recognise and connect to ad hoc wireless networks using a proximity map after scanning for network nodes.
As new hardware or network technologies are launched, a new release of this tool is issued by Lenovo to cope with them. Users should therefore keep their eye out for any upgrades as they become available, or if they add new peripheral devices to their laptop or PC. Users should be aware that this software is only compatible with the Lenovo range of ThinkPad laptops and 3000 series PCs.
If you have a wide variety of different connections or printer types, then this package will save you a lot of time. However, if you only need to connect at home/work and neither have any special considerations, you should be fine with the standard Windows wireless manager.

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  • Allows easy configuration of WiFi connections for people on the move
  • Supports point and click selection of network node with closest proximity
  • Allows for configuration and switching between different networks and security settings


  • Only compatible and supported on Lenevo Thinkpad and 3000 series computers
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